Extinction Rebellion Portugal: anticipated wrap-up half-way through the week

We called for an International Rebellion Week in Portugal, between 15-21 of April, and we called for non-violent direct actions on seven topics: energy, transport, food, political decisions, fashion, greenwashing, and waste and plastic. We organized talks and action trainings, and formed affinity groups. The actions started on Monday, April 15th, on the Rebellion Day, and we are half way through the week. So here’s our story so far.

On Monday morning, even before the activists in London took the streets, in Act 1: Nestlé, what to do with all your plastic?, activists set up a net made of plastic garbage and reminded that Nestlé is top three in single-use plastic waste in the world. The activists blocked the entrance to the Nestlé facility, the same way the multinational’s plastic clogs oceans and rivers.

Same day in the afternoon, there was a “climate summit” organized by the International Emissions Trade Association, whose members include BP, Shell, Repsol, Total, Chevron, BNP Paribas, Vattenfall, TransCanada and PetroChina. This summit had a special session by the Portuguese Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition, where the minister himself would give legitimacy to the false solutions promoted by the corporations most responsible for the climate crisis. Activists could not let this complicity pass unnoticed. In Act 2: Summit unites government and the fossil fuel industry, they demonstrated the blood at the hands of the responsible and their accomplices.

In the meanwhile, other activists entered the summit and interrupted the discourse of the minister. The only thing they did was to tell the truth about what the government was doing and what the government was not doing.

Tuesday started with a very powerful action, Act 3: Climate Alert – Activists invade live streaming of CMTV, activists entered to the most popular TV channel’s studios during a live day show. As a flash news kind of interruption, they read a manifesto to remind the Portuguese media that the biggest news is the climate crimes destroying the planet. In the link, you can see live streaming (of the channel itself as well as of the action) of the action taking place. Obviously, tabloid media loved how the tables were turned about scandalous media coverage, when we reminded them what a real crime scene report should look like.

Later on Tuesday, Act 4: Wedding ceremony of pollution and fast-fashion in H&M, activists entered the H&M shop in downtown Lisbon and celebrated the wedding of fast-fashion and pollution. They highlighted the various degrees of exploration of humans and nature by the fashion industry. When the wedding was announced, tens of activists died, symbolizing the death and suffering of millions due to fast-fashion.

We are rebels for life. We will keep you posted about more actions throughout the week. #InternationalRebellion #RebelForLife

Videos and more photos available at the action pages.